Why Ron Wyden will be retiring:

  1. Wyden supported the passage of Obamacare, and continues to support the program
  2. 95% of the federal debt has occurred while Ron Wyden has been in office
  3. Our greatest natural resource, our forests, are diseased, dying and burning. Ron Wyden says it’s due to global climate change
  4. He has voted multiple times for partial-birth abortion
  5. He spear-headed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. The Democratic Caucus and a lot of Oregon working men and women are not happy about this…
  6. Ron Wyden has consistently voted the party line, no matter the issue
  7. Heritage Foundation rates his conservative voting record at 4% (while Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Ken Buck rank 100%). This is not the election cycle to be an extreme liberal
  8. Here in 2016, the political climate is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Americans have had it with career politicians on both sides of the isle.
  9. The two leading Republican Candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have this in common, and it accounts for their popularity: They promise to tip over the career-politician apple cart. This is no time to be Ron Wyden: a 35 year inhabitant of the House and Senate
  10. In the Primaries and Caucuses, Democrat turnout has been at a record low, while Republican turnout has been at a record high
  11. 29% of Oregonians are conservative, 41% are liberal, and 30% are Independent or unaffiliated. Can you imagine Oregon conservatives voting for Hillary Clinton? Probably not! On the other hand, can you imagine how many liberals, independents and unaffiliated will vote for the Republican ticket? Lots!
  12. Since 2010, democratic voter registration has decreased by 4% while Republican registration has decreased by only 2%. That 2% margin is a lot of votes…

My campaign will be assertive, hammering hard on the above from now until election day. We are going to win this Senate seat. Do you want to be a part of it?

Image by: DonkeyHotey via Flickr – (CC BY-SA 2.0)