May 10, 1976 - Survey Crew

Sam and his Forest Service Survey crew, Siskiyou National Forest, May 10, 1976

I’m a multi-business owner from Bend, Oregon, and my unique talent is the hands-on repair of struggling companies. I’m also an author, philanthropist and believer in the sovereignty of America, of Oregon, and of the individual.

I’ve spent my life working in the trenches of the real world, and I’ve learned that solutions to problems are usually simple.

But instead of creating an environment where Americans can thrive with hard work and new ideas, Washington, D.C. has complicated our lives.

CFS_SamCarpenter_outsideUnchaining small business owners will super-charge Oregon’s foundering economy, providing jobs and opportunity — the way it used to be in our great state. And the revitalization of Oregon’s greatest natural resource — her forests — will help drive our economic resurgence.

I’m a job producer and a turnaround expert, and I’m running for U.S Senate because Oregon and America are in desperate need of a turnaround.

Join our effort to put Oregon back to work again.