Healthcare costs have risen steadily since Congress passed Obamacare. Employers are dropping workers to part-time status, paychecks are stagnating or shrinking, and thousands of Oregonians have lost their insurance altogether. In my work as a business turnaround specialist, I see this every day.

I’m for individual sovereignty. Each Oregonian should be able to choose what doctor they want to see or what health care plan they want to buy.

Common sense, market-based fixes like Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), portable insurance accounts, permitting the purchase of health plans across state lines, tax deductible personal plans, the elimination of mandated coverage, and the repeal of regulations that inhibit choice and competition, are just a few market-based adjustments that will drive costs down and provide ease of access to healthcare for all Oregonians.

We use the free-market to buy cars, houses, groceries, clothes, and hotel rooms, and it provides high quality goods and services and competitive pricing. Healthcare should be the same.

Carpenter for Senate - Issue: Healthcare