Oregon’s greatest natural resource — Oregon’s garden — lies unattended. It’s been locked down for 35 years. The result?

  1. Wild fires are getting worse due to more than three decades of accumulated of fuel, both in underbrush and unattended stands of trees that are not thinned and managed. Last year, more than one million acres burned; ten million acres throughout the west. This is not caused by “climate change,” as Ron Wyden and the Forest Service insist. Any informal travel through our forests reveal smothered and infested stands!
  2. The decimation of jobs and communities in the rural areas of our state due to extreme environmental mandates, lawsuits and PC correctness. This is not the Oregon I came to in 1975…
  3. The loss of economic affect up through our major cities, into every area of our lives

Trees are a sustainable resource. Let’s manage our forests properly. Instead of using federal funds to fight fires, let’s hire thinning and clean-up crews. We own a lot of forest: It’s a massive job and it must begin NOW.

Carpenter for Senate - Issue: Forests