Unleashing the Economy

Our nation has succeeded because of our determination, hard work, our know-how and a brilliant system of foundational documents.

As a businessman who has built businesses from the ground up and employed thousands of Oregonians, I can tell you first hand that getting rid of onerous, unnecessary regulations is the first step to unleashing the private sector to create more good-paying jobs.
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Illegal immigration is out of control.

The problem: Many elected officials at the federal, state, and local level refuse to enforce our laws.

The result is undue strain on our social services systems, and even the specter of serious national security threats on American soil, not to mention the impact on jobs.
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Oregon’s greatest natural resource — Oregon’s garden — lies unattended. It’s been locked down for 35 years. The result?
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Common Defense

Our government’s first and most important responsibility is providing for our common defense and security.

Since we first cast off the shackles of government oppression, America has been a beacon for liberty.
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Healthcare costs have risen steadily since Congress passed Obamacare. Employers are dropping workers to part-time status, paychecks are stagnating or shrinking, and thousands of Oregonians have lost their insurance altogether. In my work as a business turnaround specialist, I see this every day.
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Education is the great equalizer and if we get it right, we can empower a child for the rest of his or her life. Once someone has an education, it can’t be taken away.
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Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment recognizes the right of the individual to protect himself from the tyranny of the collective, and is one of our most cherished liberties.
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Rural Oregon

Oregon’s rural population is suffering silently. “The owl” decimated our timber-based economy, leaving little hope in many communities.
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Defending the Unborn

I’m pro-life. Human life is the highest value, and is clearly protected by our Constitution.
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Term Limits

Politicians go to D.C. and stay for a lifetime. They spend our hard-earned dollars wastefully and have the nerve to demand more of your dollars in taxes and fees to cover their tab. Even worse, they often enrich themselves and their families along the way.
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