Carpenter for Senate Endrsement Jason Conger

Jason Conger

Sam Carpenter is no career politician.

He knows what it takes to succeed. That kind of knowledge is what I personally want to see in Washington, D.C.

When Sam Carpenter says on day-one he will go to D.C. and start fighting to reduce the regulations that are crushing small businesses and the middle class, I believe him because he knows what it means to be up against those regulations. He knows how hard it is to build a business and to create jobs.

The most important aspect about Sam is that he is a man of great integrity. Sam is a man you can trust. When he says he is going to fight for Oregon and for the middle class, and that he’s going to bring jobs to Oregon, he means it, and he’ll do it.

I am privileged to endorse our next United States Senator, Sam Carpenter.

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Carpenter for Senate Endrsement Monica Wehby

Monica Wehby

Sam is a real leader: He’s built numerous businesses and has been a job creator for decades. He’s not the typical politician who just talks. He’s done these things.

And for the last five years his specialty has been to turn around failing businesses. He and his team have done it hundreds of times.

Right now we need someone who’s actually done something – who doesn’t just talk.

I can’t think of a better person to step up to the plate for Oregon and help turn around our country right now.

I’m honored to endorse Sam Carpenter for U.S. Senate.

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Jobs. Immigration. National security. Our forests…The commonality?

There are serious problems with each…and nothing is happening…

You and me? When we have a problem in our homes or at the workplace, we fix it now.

Why? Because if we don’t, that problem will be there tomorrow.

Washington career politicians? In their wasteful spending, they use printing presses and they borrow from our grandchildren who haven’t even been born yet.

DC politics? It’s blind partisanship and divisiveness – both between Democrats and Republicans, and within the Republican party itself.

There is no sense of urgency: Our problems are their political footballs, and those balls go back and forth, back and forth…for decades, while you and I pay the bills and suffer the consequences.

I’m a turnaround specialist. I go into a business, find what’s wrong, and then work with leadership to fix those problems now. And in doing that, I draw management together to work toward a common goal: the success of the organization…and therefore the success of the individuals who depend on that organization.

There’s some fixing to do in DC, don’t you think?

Enough with the division.

The solution is simple: Oregonians must unite to get this state and this nation back on track. Oregon’s signal to the rest of the nation? For starters, it’s a decisive Primary victory on May 17th.

The original blueprint of our federal government is a beautiful thing: simple and clean, intended to limit its own growth. But today, too many Washington, D.C. operators, our sitting Senators included, have rejected that original intent…they’ve created a stagnant behemoth, and they care more about their re-elections than they care about the people who elected them.

Career politicians in D.C. have been bickering for decades, and while they do that, our problems fester. It’s time to hand the decision-making over to hard working Americans who will finally get things done, now!

Oregon is a big-tent array of workers eager to get back on the job. But we’ve suffered this void of leadership.

Oregon’s bright future will be comprised of a broad coalition of conservatives, Democrats, blue collar workers, labor, management, and establishment Republicans.

Ron Wyden, the ultimate career politician, has spent thirty five-years , measuring the political winds, tossing political footballs back and forth, reluctant to move those balls forward. Indeed, government paralysis guarantees his job security.

We’re going to retire Ron Wyden, move past these decades of failed partisanship, and put Oregon back to work, fast.

-Sam Carpenter